Oceans cleaning and Coral reefs

Human-initiated climate change threatens coastal and marine environments through rising in sea-level, evaporation, and changes in climate patterns and water temperatures. The Plastic pollution is one of the major threats to the Ocean and marine activities such as oil platforms and aquaculture. Oceans and climate are indivisibly associated and playing a fundamental part in directing climate change by serving as a major heat and carbon sink. Our oceans are particularly defenseless to the adverse impacts from human emanations of greenhouse gasses. Since the growth of Industrial Transformation, mankind has expanded the acidity of our oceans by 30% and has expanded the sum of carbon dioxide in our climate by over 30%-40%, essentially from the burning of fossil fuels. Other human activities have brought about extra major commitments of greenhouse gasses, such as methane and nitrous oxides. Polar vortex defines climate change

The coral reef is like plants, but in fact, the Corals are animals, they made of tiny animals called polyps. The most diverse ecosystems on earth cover less than 1 % of the ocean floor, home of 25% of all marine creatures and estimated that 2 million species inhabit coral reefs competing the bio-diversity of the rainforest. It provides a rich habitat protecting young fish when they grow.

The largest Coral Reefs: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef which began growing 20 thousand years ago.

The threat to the coral reefs is the pollution from factors which resulting Coral bleaching which transforms them into the white skeleton.

Warming water results in prolonged coral bleaching that kills coral reefs leave them vulnerable to other threats without significant action on climate change our ocean could lose many colorful reefs by the end of the century. Many Organization taking steps and working upon to protect and conserve it, some of the organization like UN Environment, IYOR, Coral Guardian and many more.

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